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Nuts for Coconut

Written by  //  November 7, 2013  //  General Information, Good Stuff You Gotta Know!, Should I Be Eating That?  //  1 Comment

coconut Coconut – The only food you need to live!

Here is an article I wrote that was published in  ”Wod Talk Magazine”. Really fine folks.  Coconut is one of the best foods on the planet and is in every product I make.  I believe it is a miracle food and should be incorporated  into everyone’s diet.  Check out the article below by clicking on the link.  Eat Well,  Feel Well, Be Well.

Nuts For Coconuts < Click here to read the article















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One Comment on "Nuts for Coconut"

  1. evie welch November 7, 2013 at 11:17 pm · Reply

    Great article Eileen, and a good reminder to me to continue breaking coconuts and why I go the extra mile for them. I don’t want to get lazy and fall back. I would never go back to drinking cows milk though. But the store bought almond and coconut is what I mean. :)

    Thanks and may the Lord continue to Bless you as you have my family! Jackie and Mike are now off the cows milk and eating healthy. Its like a supernatural move of God in our home.

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